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Sleek Design and Uncompromising Efficiency.

Anything Less Just Isn’t Premium Anymore.

Office Building Solutions

With sleek designs and uncompromising efficiency, GP PRO offers solutions that meet the needs of any class of office building. Our products help you provide the hygienic environment your tenants expect, with the efficiency, waste reduction and ease of maintenance operators need.

Exceed Expectations

A coordinated suite of products with a new level of performance, intuitive design and elegance. The Premium Restroom Collection.

Go Beyond Looking Clean

Introducing ActiveAire® Products - a 360˚ solution to restroom odor that creates a fresh atmosphere for a better experience.

As Simple to Use as it is Attractive

Introducing the newest member of the Premium Restroom Collection. enMotion® Automated Touchless Counter Mount Soap System.


GP PRO's office building solutions help you use resources efficiently with easy to maintain, reliable dispensers all while reducing waste. Meeting the high standards of your facility has never been easier with our premium products and refills.

For Your Restroom

Help enhance your restroom image, reduce landfill waste and lower costs with our stainless steel product offerings

For Your Break Room

Maintaining a clean and well-stocked break room can help meet tenant expectations and boost employee productivity.

For Your Cafeteria

Serve up a clean and comfortable experience in your cafeteria.

For Your Lobby

Your lobby is the first thing people notice about your facility. Make a good first impression. Every time.

Restroom Economics

Here are 3 simple ways to make your restroom work for your business – rather than against it.

10 Year Warranty

Determine if your dispensers qualify with these answers to the top 10 questions.

There's Cash in Your Trash

You know the delight of finding an unexpected crumpled bill in your pocket? Imagine you could capture that same feeling. Except the cash, is in the trash.

6 Reasons...

Your Coworkers Want You to Stay Home When You’re Sick. Period.


Being sustainable is more than making products from recycled fiber. It’s more than designing dispensers that help reduce waste. It’s about creating products that serve a useful function for society.

Tips & Knowledge


Building service contractors say 48% of customer complaints are restroom-related

Source: Cleaning & Maintenance Management: Building Service Contractor Survey, 2014


Higher levels of health and well being in the workplace are linked to higher employee engagement, improved productivity, increased innovation, higher operating margins and reduced turnover

Source: Gallup: State of the American Workplace Report, 2013


Scientists from the University of Leeds found that both jet and warm air hand dryers spread bacteria into the air, onto users and those nearby

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