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A Touch of At-Home Comfort Away From Home

Facial Tissue is Personal

That's why GP PRO provides a range of facial tissue solutions, so you can find the one that's right for your guests and your facility.


Angel Soft Ultra Professional Series® Facial Tissue

Angel Soft Ultra Professional Series® delivers a premium experience with its elevated appearance and best-in-class softness. Whether you manage a hospitality property, restaurant or an upscale office building. One of the surest and most economical ways to do just that is to offer familiar, high-quality brands in your facilities, letting patrons know that their comfort is always top of mind.


Angel Soft Professional Series® Facial Tissue

Angel Soft Professional Series® is all about giving you a new level of convenience, quality and value. With our exclusive EZ Access® cartons, shopping, finding, handling, storing, displaying and accessing products is easier and faster. Featuring space-efficient, color-coded, and effortless-to-open packaging solutions.


Angel Soft Professional Series® PolyFlex® Facial Tissue

Did you know more than 85% of hotels report throwing away unemptied boxes of facial tissue due to damage from water or dents? The fully enclosed packaging of boxless PolyFlex® facial tissue can help prevent water damage on bathroom counters. And without a box, you no longer need to worry about dents. A single SKU fits in cube, flat and wall-mounted facial tissue dispensers, and requires 50% less storage space compared to GP PRO cubed facial tissue.


Preference® Facial Tissue

Soft, absorbent, and value-oriented, GP PRO Preference® is the cost-effective 2-Ply facial tissue solution for high-traffic facilities.


Envision® Facial Tissue

Envision® is an economical, white, 2-ply facial tissue that offers comfort and value, with 100 sheets per box. The tissue is engineered to meet EPA guidelines for minimum recycled content to help achieve sustainability goals.

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