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Coreless Toilet Paper

Because Every Sheet Counts


97% Customer Satisfaction

97% of customers who use Compact® Toilet Paper Dispensers and Compact® Toilet Paper are overwhelmingly satisfied with their performance.

Part of the Premium Restroom Collection

A coordinated suite of products with a new level of performance, intuitive design and elegance.

Multiple Formats

Compact® Toilet Paper Dispensers are available in two-roll vertical, two-roll side-by-side and four-roll coreless dispenser formats to accommodate the multiple needs of any facility. Plus, it’s an easy install.

3x the 2-Ply Capacity

Delivers 3000 sheets of 2-Ply or 6000 sheets of 1-Ply toilet tissue to help reduce run-out and improve customer satisfaction.

Hygiene Is More Than Just “Looking Clean”
The Compact® Toilet Paper Dispenser with ActiveAire® Freshener fights the #2 restroom complaint – odor - in the stall with motion-activated and on-demand fragrance in-stall.
Can toilet paper be sustainable?
It can when it has 95% less packaging than GP PRO's standard roll toilet paper, and options that are EcoLogo™ Certified and EPA-compliant for minimum post-consumer recycled-fiber content.

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