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A touch of at-home comfort away from home.

Angel Soft Professional Series® Products

Fits Compact® Tissue Dispensers

Angel Soft Professional Series® Toilet Paper is available in a premium 2-ply coreless roll that lasts longer and helps reduce waste when combined with Compact® Tissue Dispensers.

Think Outside of the Box

Angel Soft Professional Series® PolyFlex® Facial Tissue is a boxless solution that’s designed to be space-saving and water resistant. Angel Soft® facial tissue is soft and strong…a familiar brand that’s a source of comfort.
*Boxes are not included. Only shown for presentation purposes.

Good Quality, Good Value and Sustainable
Attractive yet economical, Angel Soft Professional Series® Toilet Paper makes a positive impression on your customers. It's a brand they recognize. And Trust.
Simplicity ^3
EZ Access® Packaging makes it easier to carry, to store and to access your Angel Soft Ultra Professional Series® toilet paper and facial tissue.

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