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Make it Better

Our aim is no different from yours. Deliver consistency, reliability, quality.

GP PRO Solutions for a Clean Operation

Deliver consistency, reliability and quality in those unsuspecting areas that make a difference to manufacturing facilities and the staff, like restrooms, break rooms and wash stations.

Make It Safer

Strengthen the health and wellness of your workforce for a safe work environment with our hand hygiene solutions.

Make It Productive

Improve the effectiveness of workforce processes to drive greater results by using products like disposable and sustainable wipers made with flax.

Make It Cost-Effective

Help reduce maintenance with our high capacity refills and at the same time, reduce waste with one-at-a-time dispensing.

Make It Sustainable

Reduce your environmental footprint by using responsible products.


Explore our Help reduce maintenance with our high capacity refills and at the same time, reduce waste with one-at-a-time dispensing. for your manufacturing operation tailored to keep your workforce safer and more productive while saving you money.

For Your Production Floor

From wipers to towel and soap and dispensers, our integrated solutions can help foster a safe and productive work environment.

For Your Public Restroom

Clean and sanitary restrooms can go a long way toward protecting the health and safety of your workforce so it can do its best work.

For Your Cafeteria and Break Room

Even when your workforce isn’t working, GP PRO has solutions that can help keep them happy and healthy in the break room—so that when it is time to get back to work, they’re ready!

Hidden Fees

You could be paying too much for rental shop towels.

The Wiper Knowledge Blog

They’re all called “wipers”, for countless jobs

Tips & Knowledge


21% of U.S. manufacturers are, or are planning to, move production back to the U.S.

Source: Wall Street Journal: Why US Manufacturing is Poised for a Comeback (Maybe), 2014


Research shows that rags and rental shop towels may contain dangerous substances that can cause injury to employees or damage equipment

Source: Gradient Corporation Study, Leslie A Beyer, MS,Mara R Seely, PhD, and Barbara D Beck, PhD, 2014


Absences due to cold and flu at industrial employers total nearly 19 million lost work days each year

Source: BLS and Dept of Health & Human Services:, 2014

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