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Enhancing Your
Image in an Open
Office Environment

Every Room Counts. Especially the One They Count On

Looks matter. And so does function. Fortunately enMotion® and Compact® dispensers get high marks for both with a 97% customer satisfaction rating.*

Our top of the line dispensers and refills promote hygiene with innovative features that also reduce waste and maintenance time for better operational efficiency.


enMotion® Towels and Dispensers

For more than a decade the enMotion® system has led the market in paper towel dispensing. Discover how it can help reduce waste and extra maintenance while enhancing hygiene and image.

You'll notice how it works. "They'll" notice how it looks.


Compact® Coreless Toilet Paper and Dispensers

Compact® Toilet Paper Systems get to the core of your needs. Attractive dispensers are flexible and space-saving with long-lasting premium rolls and a sleek, modern design that meets the high standards of your facility.


enMotion® Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers

enMotion® Soap Dispensers provide rich and luxurious moisturizing foam soaps, a sleek stylish design and the quietest automated dispensing among leading competitors for a premium experience. With battery life longer than leading dispensers, high-capacity waste-reducing refills that can be loaded with one hand, and a patented maintenance pause button, enMotion® is the best choice for easy maintenance and operational efficiency.


ActiveAire® Whole Room Freshener Dispensers

ActiveAire® Whole Room Freshener Dispensers fill the restroom with pleasant fragrance to combat odors and ensure a clean, fresh feeling environment.
On-trend fragrance refills provide consistent freshening for 30 days, coordinate with other products in the ActiveAire® product line, and feature an easy-access design that makes maintenance a breeze. Powered and passive options provide the right freshening to meet your needs.


Safe-T-Guard™ Toilet Seat Covers

Coordinated Safe-T-Guard™ Toilet Seat Covers and Dispensers feature increased protection against germs with a “no touch” feature to help minimize cross contamination.

Durable, reliable and long-lasting solutions for high traffic restrooms that need high quality products that are easy to maintain, reduce waste and promote proper hygiene at a budget-friendly price.


enMotion® 10" Automated Paper Towel Dispenser

The enMotion® 10" Automated Touchless Paper Roll Towel Dispenser offers hands free, controlled dispensing to help reduce cross-contamination and towel usage.


Compact® Coreless Toilet Paper

The Compact® Coreless Toilet Paper Dispensing Systems are ideal for restrooms to help improve customer satisfaction, while helping to maximize staff efficiency and controlling labor costs.


enMotion® Gen2 Automated Soap and Sanitizer Dispensers

The enMotion® Gen2 Automated Soap and Sanitizer dispenser features touchless dispensing along with adjustable settings to dispense controlled portions. Additional color options available.


ActiveAire® Air Fresheners & Urinal Screens

Go beyond looking clean with long lasting and highly effective freshness to continuously keep the whole room smelling clean, featuring Compact® with ActiveAire®, delivering first-of-its-kind freshness in the stall.


Safe-T-Guard™ Toilet Seat Covers

Coordinated Safe-T-Guard™ Toilet Seat Covers and Dispensers feature increased protection against germs with a “no touch” feature to help minimize cross contamination.

Enhancing Your Image in an Open Office Environment

Did you know 88% of millennials prefer a collaborative work culture rather than a competitive one? We took notice and nearly doubled the number of people on our floor, all while increasing employee satisfaction.


Redefining Premium

The Rise of the AA and AAA Office Building


According to the University of Westminster study, air dryers can spread more than 190x more germs than paper towels.

Today’s premium tenants are seeking greater efficiency, innovation, productivity and employee engagement.

Higher levels of health and well being in the workplace are linked to higher employee engagement.

Office of the Future: In 2015 "Work" is defined as what you do, rather than a place you go.

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