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Dining Room Solutions

Keeping Front of House Top of Mind

Keeping your customers happy is critical to your operation. High performance, hygienic disposable solutions readily available to help ensure the rave reviews stay that way.

Ensure patrons have a positive experience with high quality refills delivered from dispensers that reduce waste, improve hygiene and are also long-lasting to reduce maintenance time for a pleasant environment.


Dixie Ultra® Tower Napkin Dispensers

The Dixie Ultra® Tower Napkin Dispenser features easy to grab, one at a time dispensing and holds up to five times the capacity of traditional dispensers. Multiple formats and colors, including tower, countertop, tabletop and in-counter options.


Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Cutlery Dispensers

Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Cutlery Dispensers are the ultimate hygienic solution and image booster. Improve guest experiences by offering improved hygiene, efficiency and sustainability with innovative one-at-a-time dispensing—and even first-of-its-kind touchless dispensing.


Dixie® Insulated Hot Cups & Poly Cold Cups

Specially insulated hot cups with reclosable lids, and poly-coated cold cups are available in a variety of attractive designs, giving customers a higher perception of product quality and extending consumption time.


Dixie Ultra® Pathways Heavy Weight Plates, Bowls & Liddles® Portion Cups

Dixie Ultra® plates and bowls are manufactured to withstand the heaviest, messiest foods and feature a multi-layer construction for added strength. Dixie® Liddles® Portion Cup make filling, storing and serving sauces and dips easier. Just Fill, Snap and & Stack.


Brawny® Dine-A-Wipe® Busing Towels

Dine-A-Wipe® Rayon and White Busing Towels are designed for front and back of house cleaning and wiping. Rayon towels are economical and stand up to harsh sanitizers, can be rinsed, reused and are machine washable.

Deliver a positive experience every day with foodservice products that have a strength and quality patrons will appreciate.


Dixie Ultra® Tabletop Napkin Dispenser

The Dixie Ultra® Tabletop napkin dispenser is designed to hold up to 275 napkins, allowing the dispenser to be refilled with one full pack of napkins before a replacement is needed.


Dixie® Individually Wrapped Medium Weight Cutlery

Dixie® Medium Weight Polystyrene and Polypropylene Cutlery is elegant and strong, yet cost effective, offering excellent value. Hygienic individually wrapped cutlery in a variety of colors and kits to suit the needs of your operation.


Dixie® Paper Hot Cups

Designed to heat-up your beverage sales, the Dixie® Paper Hot Cups provides an upscale image at an economical cost for specialty hot beverages.


Dixie® Paper Plates and Bowls & Plastic Souffle Cups

Featuring the Soak-Proof Shield® for grease resistance and multi layer construction for its strength, Dixie plates and bowls are perfect for medium weight foods. Dixie® Souffle cups offer exceptional strength and versatility and are ideal for condiments, sauces and side portions.

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