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There are 1,863,568 hardworking people keeping our workplaces clean

IBIS World Industry Report 56172 on Janitorial Services in the US

79% say they feel happier with the work they do when recognized

Source: GP PRO Building Janitorial Staff Study, 2017

“I wish my boss would take notice more often.”

GP PRO Building Janitorial Staff Study, 2017

Buildings Work Because They Do

It's time we take notice of the people who keep our workplaces clean. Here at GP PRO, we strive to honor the teams, like yours, who work hard every day. We even design our products with them in mind.

So join us in thanking them!

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Thank Your Clean Team

Show your appreciation for your clean team. Learn more about creating a culture of recognition in your organization. We can help!


Everything you need to create a culture of recognition, from tips and solutions to a customizable thank you kit.

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Psychology of a Thank You


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Ready to Recognize Your Team?


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Challenges and Solutions to Recognition



Our products are sleek and functional, but most importantly, they are designed with clean teams in mind.

Compact® Side-by-Side Toilet Paper Dispenser with ActiveAire® Automated Freshener Dispenser

Clean teams can maximize efficiencies by changing the paper and freshener compartments at the same time, in the same location.

enMotion® Automated Touchless Counter Mount Soap Dispenser

Thanks to one-hand refilling, clean teams no longer have to maneuver under counters to maintain our soap dispensers, saving teammates from bumped heads and strained backs.

enMotion® Automated Towel Dispenser

Clean Teams can save time by having to refill and unclog towel dispensers less.

enMotion® Automated Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

Waste reduction features and longer lasting batteries help maximize efficiencies and can save clean teams time.


Learn more about the teams who have already been recognized, and be the next to say thanks.

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