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Every Sheet Counts

Because No One Likes When the Stall Is On Empty

GP PRO Commercial Toilet Paper Solutions feature long-lasting rolls to help minimize maintenance and maximize guest satisfaction.

Part of the Premium Restroom Collection.


Compact® Coreless Toilet Paper and Dispensers

Compact® Toilet Paper Systems get to the core of your needs. Attractive commercial toilet paper dispensers are flexible and space-saving with long-lasting premium rolls and a sleek, modern design that meets the high standards of your facility.


SofPull® Centerpull Toilet Paper and Dispensers

SofPull® Centerpull Toilet Paper Dispensers put a smart new spin on toilet paper – one-sheet-at-a-time dispensing. Say goodbye to loose jumbo rolls spinning out of control. SofPull® Toilet Paper makes it simple to take just the right amount of paper. This 2-Ply, perforated, quality commercial toilet paper is soft and thick and helps reduce costs and waste, while improving hygiene...all in just one pull.


Angel Soft Professional Series® Premium Toilet Paper

Angel Soft Professional Series® is the brand of premium 2-Ply commercial toilet paper that delivers the appearance and softness of at-home toilet paper for your discerning patrons. A simple way to make a positive impression at a minimal cost, Angel Soft® Ultra Professional Series® is the right choice for hospitality, restaurants and upscale office buildings. Premium Angel Soft Professional Series® refills are also available for Compact® commercial toilet paper dispensers.


Preference® Toilet Paper

This 2-Ply toilet paper drives value with its attractive embossing, 550 sheet rolls and 80-roll cases. Features matching Preference® facial tissue for convenience and coordinated products.


Envision® Standard Toilet Paper

Envision® offers a low cost toilet commercial paper solution for higher-traffic areas that want to utilize existing commercial toilet paper dispensers. Customers will appreciate the reliable performance in absorbency, strength and thickness while you appreciate the savings.

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