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Dixie Ultra® Plates

Always in Good Taste

Step Up to the Plate with Dixie®

If it's Dixie®, it's built to serve. From soak-proof plates and individual-portion lidded containers to take-out drink and food cartons. Whatever the situation, there's Dixie®.


Dixie Ultra® Plates, Platters and Bowls

The strongest paper plate on the market, Dixie Ultra® plates, platters and bowls have superior moisture resistance, grease resistance, dry and wet rigidity. A unique multi-layer design is responsible for the remarkable inner strength of Dixie Ultra. Multiple layers combine forces to stand up to the heaviest, messiest foods you serve.


Dixie Plates, Platters and Bowls

Dixie® paper plates feature a Soak-Proof Shield® for grease resistance and multi-layer construction for its strength. Dixie® plates with the attractive Pathways® design and medium weight construction are perfect for everyday foods.


Dixie Basic® Plates, Platters and Bowls

Finally a smart alternative to foam. Dixie Basic® plates and bowls are sturdy, cut-resistant, microwavable and feature a much lower cube volume than foam. They give you more benefits than foam, packed into less space and for an economical price.

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