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A Napkin Worthy of the Name Dixie®

While the center of the plate might be the center of your world, the patron’s experience extends well beyond that. It isn’t just about feeding people. It’s about nourishing ideas, refreshing the soul and connecting people with one another. That’s why we create innovative products—to help you reduce costs and waste, save time and create a cleaner environment. So when it’s time for you to open your restaurant, the spotlight stays where it belongs—on the patron’s experience.

A Napkin For Any Occasion. Minus the Waste.

GP PRO commercial napkin solutions feature a variety of napkin options plus innovative commercial napkin dispenser systems to help reduce waste, enhance hygiene and make refilling easy.


Dixie Ultra® SmartStock™ Automated Napkin System

The newest innovation from the Dixie Ultra® portfolio, comes an industry first, the Dixie Ultra® SmartStock™ Automated Napkin System. This commercial napkin dispenser is intelligently designed to dispense the right number of napkins each time, every time. Designed to cut napkin usage rates nearly in half, while also reducing cross-contamination. With this commercial napkin dispenser system, the only napkins you’ll be touching are your own.


Dixie Ultra® Interfold Napkin Dispensers

The new Dixie Ultra® Interfold Napkin Dispensers feature the waste reducing, one-at-a-time dispensing you want. This sleeker, cohesive family design of commercial napkin dispensers delivers the premium experience patrons desire. A new, sturdier latch system makes loading Dixie Ultra® 2-Ply Napkins as easy as lifting a finger.


Beverage Napkins

GP PRO beverage napkins are the right choice when you want a napkin that speaks to your quality and attention to detail. With larger 2-ply options that are soft and absorbent and budget-friendly 1-ply options, offer your patrons a quality napkin ideal for restaurants and beverage establishments.


Dixie Ultra® Linen Replacement Napkins

Whether you’re looking for a convenient alternative to expensive linen napkins, or you’re looking for cost-effective napkins that help patrons use fewer napkins and save you money, GP PRO has a variety of commercial napkin options to choose from. No matter what option you choose, you’ll be able to pamper your customers with soft, absorbent napkins, while enjoying hassle-free, disposable convenience.

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