It’s important to spend time selecting the highest quality restroom products and then implementing a system to keep those supplies in stock. Every business needs to consider how their restrooms contribute to sanitation within their facilities and the health of their employees as well as the public. GP PRO makes it easy by offering commercial washroom solutions suitable for restaurants, healthcare facilities, and more.

Soap dispensers and soaps are among the first washroom products to consider. Dispensers are designed to hold large amounts of soap while helping protect soap from cross-contamination from sinks, floors, and other bathroom fixtures.

Automatic soap dispensers allow you to control how much soap is released at a time while allowing users to access soap without touching bottles or unsanitary soap bars. That can save you money and helps avoid messes that can come from bottles of soap can tip over or drop on the floor. Automatic dispensers are also smart washroom solutions that keep your restrooms looking cleaner and welcoming to guests.

GP PRO is your one-stop shop for counter mount soap dispensers and wall mount soap dispensers for commercial and industrial restrooms. We also stock soap, sanitizer, and lotion refills that make it easy to keep every facility well-stocked with minimal time investment. We pay attention to quality ingredients and safe formulations to help you create sanitary bathrooms that contribute to cleanliness throughout your facility.

You’re now one order away from smart washroom solutions from leading brands like Georgia-Pacific, enMotion® and Pacific Blue Ultra®. GP PRO allows you to shop in confidence for quality restroom products, starting with soaps and long-lasting dispensers that don’t take up counter space. Shop today for washroom products that work well for each of your bathrooms, in-house and public.