KOLO® System Frequently Asked Questions

The premier IoT-enabled solution for data-driven cleaning and maintenance for custodial staff.

Is your facility ready for patrons and employees to return? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, patrons and employees are hyperaware of facility cleanliness and maintenance. Smart restroom technology empowers facilities to efficiently provide clean, well-stocked, functioning environments. Internet of Things (IoT) advanced technology helps makes it happen. With the KOLO™ System, you no longer guess what tasks are needed, you know. 

Deliver Excellent Experiences

Proactively manage cleaning tasks, reduce towel and soap dispenser outages and ensure fixtures are functional to deliver exceptional patron and employee satisfaction.

Improve Efficiency and Gain Cleaning Time

Smart restroom technology guides custodians to perform maintenance only when needed, which can help minimize touchpoints, reduce waste and free-up time for high-value tasks such as disinfecting.

Demonstrate a Dedication to Hygiene

The KOLO™ System is an award-winning solution that signals your commitment to providing a smarter, healthier and safer facility, which can help assure guests it is safe to return.

Ideal for All Types of Facilities