When you outline a service plan for your restaurant, you had cutlery and cutlery dispensers in mind. You need a cutlery solution that saves on storage space, simplifies your team’s duties, and enhances the customer's dining experience. No matter what solution you have in mind, there are GP PRO products available to fit your needs. Each plastic cutlery product and cutlery dispenser is designed with sustainability, waste reduction, and improved hygiene in mind.

Invest in sturdy cutlery dispensers that will last for years to come. Choose from an all-in-one cutlery dispenser that has slots for plastic forks, spoons, and knives. Or, choose an individual dispenser so you offer only the cutlery that your patrons need. Touchless plastic cutlery dispensers are a great solution if your patrons select their own cutlery after getting their food.

Touchless dispensers help keep hygiene top of mind so that the only person touching each utensil is the person eating with them. Plus, GP PRO dispensers can help reduce waste by offering a single utensil at a time.

Or, if prewrapped plastic cutlery is a preferable choice, GP PRO has additional options, too. A prewrapped option may be the best solution if your servers provide plastic cutlery alongside meals. Prewrapped plastic cutlery ensures that your patrons know cutlery is sealed and protected from contaminants.

Each one of our products has a clean and simple design with usability as a priority. If you’re searching for great plastic cutlery or a cutlery dispenser, you’re in the right place. GP PRO also offers other restaurant solutions, from paper plates to commercial paper towel products. We’re the single solution for all of your foodservice needs. Easily reorder the same products every month without having to shop around.