Responsibly Sourced Fiber, Episode 2 of Elements™ IQ Sustainability Podcast

10-Minute Q&A is a Must for Sustainability-Minded Business Operators

Now more than ever, sustainability in business is inspiring owners and operators to learn more and incorporate sustainable best practices. With that in mind, GP PRO's new Elements™ IQ education series delivers business-savvy perspectives from environmental thought leaders - kicking off with a slate of sustainability podcasts. These podcasts tackle key topics that business owners care about: recycling, composting information, environmental certifications, and more.

Episode 2: Responsibly Sourced Fiber 

For many the idea of cutting down trees creates feelings of unease and conflicted thoughts. GP PRO readily recognizes how forest products are used to meet so many needs in our lives and yet we are concerned about deforestation and the other negative impacts of irresponsible forestry. In this Elements™ IQ podcast, titled “Responsibly Sourced Fiber” we discuss deforestation, the importance of responsible sourcing, and fiber certification with Bobby Maddrey, Manager of Global Sustainable Forestry for Georgia-Pacific.
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       Responsibly Sourced Fiber, Episode 2 of Elements™ IQ Sustainability Podcast