How to Create the Workplace Restroom that People Desire

Long the bane of commercial buildings, restrooms are getting a makeover. We’ve all experienced what we don’t like when it comes to public restrooms: harsh fluorescent lights, messy sinks, empty toilet paper dispensers, and unpleasant odors just to name a few.
A clean, hygienic and efficiently upgraded workplace restroom.
But fast-forward to today’s facilities’ manager who has a new vision of how to differentiate their building in ways that will recruit and retain the best talent for their business. And that vision has upgrading their restrooms high on the list.

Success boils down to five areas of opportunity: Improved Hygiene; promoting Sustainability; ensuring Continuous Supply of essentials like paper towels, soap, toilet paper, and odor control; and finally providing a Clean, Home-Like Experience for the long hours that tenants will spend at work each day. 

Interested to learn more about unique research findings focused on improving public restrooms? Check out this short, insight-packed walk-thru of several opportunity areas and how you might take advantage of them to deliver an elevated experience in your facility’s restrooms. And the best news is, it’s not that hard!

Get key restroom insights and bold ideas to elevate the workplace restroom now.

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