A smart restroom is a smart investment


With people spending about 80 percent of their lives in away-from-home activities, today’s lifestyles and working regimens have given a whole new meaning to going to the restroom. Whether they’re at work, dining out, traveling, or taking in an event; peoples’ experiences in the public restroom can directly impact their perception of the place they’re visiting and the people running the show. In fact, research shows that over 70 percent of patrons who experience a dirty restroom say they would never return. 

So what are the key, yet sometimes overlooked, aspects of a restroom that can contribute to a more positive experience: 

  • Tech is clearly a factor. From automated, touchless dispensers to fully connected room monitoring systems, people appreciate not having to touch anything. And tech-enabled monitoring helps maintenance to avoid run-outs and mess more efficiently

  • Dispensers that are not only touchless, but work dependably and have a modern, coordinated look add to the positive visit 

  • And finally the quality of the towels, foam soaps & sanitizers, and soft, 2-Ply toilet paper add up to a more at-home experience. Which is a good thing since you’re spending ~80 percent of your time somewhere else! 

In conclusion, don’t let the mystique of “smart technology” or “the Internet of Things” (IoT) throw you. These are just the latest in behind the scenes ways for businesses and their facility’s managers to better monitor what’s happening in their restrooms and apply the right resources at the right time to provide customers with a more positive restroom experience while visiting their facility.

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       A smart restroom is a smart investment