Insights to Impact: Introducing a Full Library of Insights eBooks

Regardless of industry, knowledge is a key which unlocks countless opportunities to be more successful. That’s why we are introducing a robust library of Insights eBooks. From understanding more about healthcare industry HCAHPP scores to preparing for the Gen Z labor force, these eBooks reveal the trends and information we’ve gathered to help inform our decisions and may help you inform yours.Professionals gathered around a laptop to review and discuss trend insights.

Why are they important? At GP PRO, we believe being a good partner to our customers means doing all we can to understand them. That’s why we spend a great deal of our time and effort not just designing innovative products to meet the needs of your business and your customers—but also researching every industry and business segment we serve so we have a firm grip on the challenges and opportunities you face every day.

We encourage you to explore trends affecting your industry and learn how they might have an impact on your business. Click the links below to view the eBook.

Foodservice Insights eBook

Operators like you must meet complex new expectations in more innovative ways, without breaking the bank: Sustainability. Labor and productivity. Hygiene. Delivery and takeout. Restroom upgrades ... Yes, it all seems overwhelming, but fresh and innovative approaches can help you navigate successfully. 
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Office Building Insights eBook

Expectations are on the rise. Office building employers and their employees demand more from their workplaces. At the same time, office trends such as densification, open floor plans and hoteling means more people per square foot. Another challenge for business employers: a shortage of skilled professionals. How can property managers and BSCs address these challenges?
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Healthcare Insights eBook

A move from paternalist care to a consumer-focused model is a game changer in the delivery of modern healthcare. By advancing solutions that work and challenging protocols that don’t, the industry is making advances in patient satisfaction and service delivery. Clear wins include rapid access to care, increased inpatient choice and more comfortable facility amenities.
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Industrial Insights eBook

Day by day, your skilled labor force shrinks. Manufacturing and industrial facilities see knowledgeable boomers retire and less industry career interest by Millennial and Gen-Z Generations. Overcoming this challenge starts with engagement. After all, an engaged workforce works harder and sticks around longer.
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High Traffic eBook

Expectations are rising at every touchpoint. Our research shows that there are three key areas by which the traveling and event-going public will evaluate your company: cleanliness, sustainability and image. Welcome to the future of air travel and entertainment arenas, where forward-thinking facilities are clean, efficient, and deliver a pleasant experience from the time customers arrive to the time they depart.
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