Single servings are never a problem with Dixie® Portion Cups and Matching Lids from GP PRO. They provide limited service restaurants, quick service restaurants, fast casual and other foodservice operations with sturdy, high-quality options for serving customers, whether dining on-premise or getting take-out food. They’re also ideal for business breakrooms, daycare and schools, special events and home use.

DIXIE® LIDDLES® ATTACHED PORTION CUPS WITH LIDS: Dixie® Liddles® Cups with Lids come in “six-pack” design, with six connected cups and attached lids, making it quick and easy to fill, store and serve sauces and dips. When it’s time to serve, the cups are perforated to break apart easily for fast, efficient service.

DIXIE® PLASTIC PORTION CUPS & LIDS: Dixie® Plastic Portion Cups feature a wide-mouth brim that’s easy to fill with less mess and waste. Use these disposable plastic food containers with lids for dine-in or take-out service. Our cup containers come in a variety of sizes for every serving need.

DIXIE® DESSERT DISHES & LIDS: Dixie® Dessert Dishes serve up sweets in crystal clear style. The coordinating lids come in dome and flat styles to beautifully showcase desserts and other foods in a display case or for takeout.