Dixie® Plates, Dixie® Platters and Dixie® Bowls provide everything you need to set a table or pack a takeout order. Dixie® products offer limited service restaurants, quick service restaurants, fast casual and other foodservice operations sturdy, high-quality options for serving customers, whether dining on-premise or getting take-out food. They’re also ideal for business breakrooms, daycare and schools, special events and home use. GP PRO's Dixie® brand is recognized for quality and preferred for performance, helping you give your patrons, guests and employees the best possible experience. All Dixie®, Dixie Basic® and Dixie Ultra® paper plates are recyclable*, making them a sustainable choice.

DIXIE ULTRA® HEAVY-WEIGHT PLATTERS & BOWLS: Dixie Ultra® Heavy-Weight Plates, Platters and Bowls are sturdy enough to stand up to even heavy foods and large portions.

DIXIE® MEDIUM-WEIGHT PLATES & UNCOATED PAPER PLATES: Ideal for everyday foods, Dixie® Medium-Weight Plates are a great choice for medium-weight foods.

Dixie® Uncoated Plates & Bowls are an economical option for serving on a budget.

DIXIE BASIC® LIGHT-WEIGHT PLATES & BOWLS: Designed especially for light-weight meals and snacks, Dixie Basic® Plates and Bowls are an economical choice for every day.

CLEAR LIDS: Dixie® Plastic Dome Lids provide an outstanding food presentation for displaying foods and take-out packaging.

*If you have access to a recycler that accepts paper or plastic products containing food residue. Such facilities may not exist in your area.