GP PRO offers Dixie® cutlery options for every business need, from outfitting your office breakroom to stocking disposable utensils for restaurants and other foodservice operations.

Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® cutlery dispenser systems dispense quality break-resistant polypropylene or rigid polystyrene cutlery from sleek, space-saving modular utensil dispensers, helping reduce cost, increase food safety and maximize efficiency.

Dixie® Disposable Cutlery provides cost-effective, convenient utensils which can be distributed in convenient pick-up bins or included in orders when food is being packaged for take-out. Choose from full cases for high-volume serving or look for Dixie® Keeper Packs and Grab-n-Go® boxes that are convenient for both serving and storing. Dixie® Wrapped Cutlery options are also available, providing a hygienic option that helps protect cutlery from contamination.