Serve beverages in style with Dixie® cups, lids and straws. The Dixie® name is known for quality and includes options for both hot and cold drinks in coordinating styles for a consistent presentation that customers will notice.

PAPER HOT CUPS: For coffee, tea and other hot beverages, Dixie® PerfecTouch® Insulated Paper Hot Cups and Dixie® Paper Hot Cups give your customers just what they want: delicious, hot beverages in sturdy paper coffee cups that are easy to hold. Designed specifically for use with hot beverages, these hot drink cups help make every drink more enjoyable.

CLEAR PLASTIC CUPS: For cold beverages and foods, Dixie® PET/PETE Clear Plastic Cups showcase iced coffees, soda, iced tea and even puddings, yogurts, parfaits and snacks.

PAPER COLD CUPS: Dixie® Paper Cold Cups are an economical choice for serving cold drinks in style. These convenient, disposable paper cups are available in a wide range of sizes and designs for all your serving needs.

COORDINATING LIDS : Top off your Dixie® cups with coordinating lids to help prevent spills and keep drinks protected. Choose from flat lids, plastic dome lids, tear back lids and more.

STRAWS & COFFEE STIRRERS: Add the finishing touches to your beverage service with straws and coffee stir sticks. We offer a variety of wrapped and unwrapped straws for cold drinks, as well as plastic stirrers for hot beverages and cocktails.