GP PRO offers cleaning wipers and cloths for a broad range of business applications.

Brawny® Professional Disposable Cleaning Towels are a great alternative to cloth rags & rental shop towels for high-performing, heavy-duty cleaning. These industrial wipes are reusable like cloth, yet disposable when contaminated or excessively soiled, helping promote a safe work environment.

Dixie® & Dixie Ultra™ Disposable Foodservice Towels are a hygienic alternative to cloth towels, helping manage food safety & hygiene. From front of house bussing & sanitizing to back of house cleaning & scrubbing, they may help reduce the costs & hassles of laundering.

Pacific Blue Basic™ and Pacific Blue Select™ AccuWipe ® Disposable Delicate Task Wipes are non-abrasive and low-lint, ideal for delicate surfaces and instruments in hospitals, labs, electronic assembly plants, graphics and optics environments.

Pacific Blue Select™ Disposable Patient Care Towels & the Pacific Blue Select™ Surface System provide options for patient hygiene & cleaning needs in healthcare & high traffic environments.