GP PRO offers industrial cleaning wipes and industrial cleaning cloths for a broad range of business applications.

INDUSTRIAL WIPES: Brawny® Professional Disposable Cleaning Towels are a great alternative to industrial rags & rental shop towels for high-performing, heavy-duty cleaning. They're also great for use as industrial hand wipes. These convenient cleaning wipes are reusable like cloth, yet disposable when contaminated or excessively soiled, helping promote a safe work environment.

FOODSERVICE TOWELS: Dixie® & Dixie Ultra™ Disposable Foodservice Towels are a hygienic alternative to cloth towels, helping manage food safety & hygiene. From front of house bussing & sanitizing to back of house cleaning & scrubbing, these handy disposable dish cloths may help reduce the costs & hassles of laundering.

TECH WIPES: Pacific Blue Basic™ and Pacific Blue Select™ AccuWipe® Disposable Delicate Task Wipes are non-abrasive and low-lint, ideal for delicate surfaces and instruments in hospitals, labs, electronic assembly plants, graphics and optics environments. Use these versatile wipes as lens cleaning cloths, screen cleaning wipes, electronic wipes, dust cloths and more.

HEALTHCARE TOWELS & CLEANING WIPES: Pacific Blue Select™ Disposable Patient Care Towels & the Pacific Blue Select™ Surface System provide options for patient hygiene & cleaning needs in healthcare & high-traffic environments. Our assortment includes disposable bath towels, disposable hand towels and disposable washcloths for patient care, as well as cleaning wipes for maintaining patient rooms and other areas.