ActiveAire® Air Care Systems from GP PRO elevate the restroom experience with coordinating scents in the stall, on the wall and at the urinal. Odor is the #2 problem with public restrooms that users wish could be solved.* Designed for use in offices, restaurants, healthcare, industrial and educational facilities, ActiveAire® commercial air freshener dispensers can help you minimize customer complaints while showing customers that you care.

WHOLE-ROOM DISPENSERS: Our Powered and Passive Whole-Room Air Freshener Dispensers tackle tough odors throughout the restroom.

IN-STALL DISPENSERS: Stop restroom odors in the stall with ActiveAire® Stand-Alone Automatic In-Stall Freshener Dispensers that can be used with any toilet paper dispenser or Automatic Air Freshener Dispensers that mount on selected Compact® Toilet Paper Dispensers.

URINAL SCREENS: Help minimize odors at the urinal with Low-Splash and traditional Deodorizer Urinal Screens.

CONSISTENT SCENTS: Because all ActiveAire® products are available in six great scents, you can choose one consistent fragrance to use throughout your restroom. Choose from Coastal Breeze, Sunscape Mango, Lavender, Fresh Linen, Pacific Meadow® and Citrus scents.

*GP PRO Proprietary Research: PRO-18-1945