The Pacific Blue™ Family of Paper Towels and Dispensers: Affordable Workplace Hygiene Solutions Hygiene is a personal matter, making it a complex issue at the industrial, professional, and commercial levels.

Controlling other peoples’ hygiene isn’t possible, especially as the number of people in question increases. The most we can do is offer an environment that promotes sound hygiene practices with the appropriate hygienic tools in place.

Georgia-Pacific Professional helps bolster hygiene in high-traffic spaces with our Pacific Blue™ Family of Paper Towels and Dispensers. These state-of-the-art products help professional settings increase the chances of maintaining cleanliness and keeping their staff, customers, and patrons healthy.

Pacific Blue Ultra® Dispensers: A Comprehensive Paper Towel Distributing System
At GP PRO, we offer workplaces more than products. Our Pacific Blue™ product line provides high quality, hygienic solutions through turnkey systems that aid in reducing waste, upkeep, and the risk of cross-contamination.

For instance, our Pacific Blue Ultra® Mini Automated Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser dispenses towels one at a time. This feature helps promote waste reduction because people are less likely to use more Pacific Blue™ Paper Towels than necessary.

The automated component of this dispenser encourages proper hand hygiene, as there is no need to contact potentially unclean surfaces that increase the risk of cross-contamination.

Setting Professional Spaces Up for Hygienic Success
There are no guarantees with anything that relies on personal choice–like hygiene.

All any business leader, owner, or manager can do is give customers, patrons, and staff every available tool to maintain optimal hygiene. Partnering with GP PRO and investing in our Pacific Blue™ product line of paper towels and dispensers can advance your business’s goal of helping reduce cross-contamination and waste.

Remember, too, that workplace hygiene is about more than feeling clean. It’s about keeping everyone healthy and productive at work. It is with this notion in mind that GP PRO innovates our solutions to support and foster thriving professional, industrial, and commercial environments.

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