Dixie Products: Where the Details Matter. Restaurants, commercial buildings and professional spaces each have their primary focuses. Menu items, workplace efficiency, and marketing campaigns can take precedence in these environments. Yet, these broader goals can only be reached by building a foundation on smaller details. Why are subtler business aspects so important?

The fact is that patrons very often focus on these unsung details. Moreover, such details can influence a patron's experience and dictate whether they'll return to your place of business.

We know that hygiene is a crucial detail for many patrons. A Technomic report points out that 93% of patrons choose a restaurant based on its cleanliness. So why not assess and fine tune your sanitizing efforts from every angle? This may include the wipes you use to sanitize surfaces. For example, Dixie Ultra® Surface System wipes can be ideal for sanitizing and can cut down on laundry costs associated with re-usable towels.

Other Dixie products, such as the Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Tri-Tower Cutlery Station, can also aid in increasing hygiene standards. Touchless cutlery dispensers like this can make it less likely for patrons to touch surfaces that may leave them vulnerable to harmful bacteria.

Dixie paper products include napkins dispensed in Dixie Ultra® Interfold Napkin Dispensers, which enable one-at-a-time dispensing to help control usage. The Tri-Tower Cutlery Station also features one-at-a-time dispensing which can ensure patrons only take what they need. This usage-control feature can also assist in reducing cutlery usage by 31% compared to open bins. This may reduce unnecessary spending and protect your profit margins.

Clearly, the seemingly minor details you manage could contribute to a comfortable, welcoming environment for your patrons. For example, patrons’ perception of your brand could be influenced by the Dixie paper products in your restaurant, commercial building, or professional space. Dixie products range from convenient and cost-efficient to high-end accouterments. And the choices you make with cutlery, napkins, cups, and plates & bowls, and other Dixie® products can help establish your brand identity and enhance the patron experience.