Brawny® Professional Solutions Help You Get It Done
Hygienic solutions help ensure healthy employees and patrons. Brawny® Professional delivers innovative, hygienic towels and wipers that can take your facility’s clean to the next level. 
From light wiping to heavy-duty cleaning, Brawny® products are designed to meet your needs while providing:
✔    Efficiency
✔    Durability
✔    Convenience
✔    Reliability
Brawny® Professional heavy-duty towels are formulated to be absorbent and versatile to handle a variety of cleaning needs and areas. Designed to be thicker than traditional paper towels, you don’t have to worry about the wipe tearing too easily, making them highly effective for cleaning up a variety of substances and surfaces. 
Brawny® Professional solutions can help your business make a good first impression, conveying the message that you care about customers by prioritizing hygiene. Brawny® Professional products are built to last and can help increase efficiency due to their durability, efficacy, and variety of dispensing options. 
Brawny® Professional paper towels can especially aid in cleaning industrial environments, including tools and work areas. Working in a clean space is good for employees and your business. 
Think Outside the Box!
Use the durability and strength of Brawny® Professional paper towels to your advantage. Many businesses are opting for paper towel dispensers rather than air hand dryers – and for a good reason. Hand dryers don’t just cost more, with ongoing maintenance costs and electricity, but they are also less hygienic. Brawny® Professional paper towels and dispensers can help improve hygiene and reduce costs!