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Affordable Efficiency At Work

The best brands for your commercial restroom or food service operation, including enMotion®, Dixie®, Dixie® SmartStock®, Pacific Blue Ultra™, Brawny®, Sparkle® and Angel Soft® with products for office buildings, healthcare, food service, and industrial and manufacturing facilities.


Dixie® offers high-quality food service products including plates, bowls, cups, napkins and cutlery. Innovative Dixie® SmartStock® cutlery dispensers improve hygiene, reduce waste and are more efficient.


enMotion® is the market leader in automated touchless paper towel, soap and sanitizer dispensing. Innovative dispensers with modern styling, unparalleled reliability and high-quality refills ensure a premium experience every time.


Flexible, space-saving Compact® Toilet Paper Dispensers deliver high capacity toilet paper in a sleek, modern package to meet the high standards of your facility.


The ActiveAire® product line features innovative restroom odor control solutions on the wall, in the stall and at the urinal. Long lasting and highly effective freshness keeps the whole room smelling clean.

Innovation At Work

Meet our most innovative paper towel dispenser with best-in-class design for a premium experience.

Pacific Blue™

The Pacific Blue™ brand has a coordinated line of paper towel, toilet paper, soap and sanitizer dispensers and refills designed to be efficient, affordable and easy to maintain.

Angel Soft Professional Series®

Angel Soft Professional Series® toilet paper and facial tissue are high quality with softness and strength that leaves a positive impression from a brand patron’s trust.

Brawny® Professional

Brawny® Professional has a wide range of disposable wipers, cleaning cloths, wipes and towels in a variety of materials, sizes and dispensers for industrial, food service and healthcare cleaning.

Sparkle Professional Series®

Sparkle Professional Series® paper towel rolls bring the premium-quality and brand recognition of our retail Sparkle® perforated roll towels your commercial operation.

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