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Sustainability In Action

EcoSmart™ by Georgia-Pacific is our sustainability platform, which strives to meet our customer needs by addressing the social, economic & environmental dimensions of sustainability.


Our materials are sourced and transported in sustainable ways.


We help conserve natural resources by efficiently using fiber, energy and water.

Use & Disposal

We innovate to help control usage, reduce waste and divert waste from landfills.

GP PRO is constantly helping office buildings make ground when it comes to the responsible use of resources. GP PRO’s VP of Sustainability tells us how.


Paper Myth Buster

Is paper bad for the environment?

Dixie Basic® vs Foam

See how Dixie Basic® Plates stand up against foam plates.


Third-party certification is important to many customers as objective validation that a manufacturer’s practices are sustainable. Our products carry a number of certifications and sustainable attributes, many of which can be seen here.

Recycled Fiber

More than 140 GP PRO products contain at least 95% recycled fiber

Waste Reduction

GP PRO is one of largest providers of waste reduction systems for disposable products in the United States

Recovered Fiber

We use almost one million tons of recovered fiber per year in our paper towel and toilet paper products. We are one of the largest producers in North America.

Renewable Energy

Almost 60% of the energy required for our operations comes from biomass

GP Harmon Recycling
We developed recycling technology back in the 1930’s, creating a market for a material which was previously sent to the landfill.
What is LEED®?
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) is a rating system of voluntary standards allowing buildings to earn certification levels. LEED®-certified buildings are resource efficient – which is not only better for the environment, but also better for your bottom line.

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