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Nurse Station Solutions

Caring Solutions for Caregivers

Protect your providers and your patients from dangerous germs by promoting proper hand hygiene at your nurse stations.

Our top-tier dispensers and refills promote proper hand hygiene with innovative features that also reduce waste and maintenance time for better operational efficiency.


enMotion® Impulse® 8" Automated Towel Dispensers

The enMotion® Impulse® 8" Paper Towel Dispenser has a small profile ideal for areas with space constraints. With hands-free whisper-quiet dispensing, up to 150-roll battery life, and 99.9% jam free design, the enMotion® Impulse 8" system is the hygienic, reliable and efficient choice for nurses stations.


enMotion® Gen2 Automated Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

The enMotion® Gen2 Automated Touchless Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser provides 4 1/2 year long battery life and high-capacity refills that can be loaded with one hand in seconds for uninterrupted service. Refills dispense rich lathering foam that make it easier to properly clean hands.

Reliable and durable dispensers and refills help address your hygiene needs while meeting your budget goals.


Pacific Blue Ultra™ Automated Paper Towel Dispenser

Attractive, contemporary and very affordable to own, this one-at-a-time automated paper towel dispenser combines the efficiency you expect from GP PRO with the durability you need for day-to-day performance.


Pacific Blue Ultra™ Manual Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers

The durable design, adjustable portion control and wide range of high-quality Pacific Blue Ultra™ Soaps and Sanitizers deliver the hygiene efficiency you expect with the durability you need for day-to-day performance.

Potential for infection is everywhere and it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault. After what we went through, I just ask that you take the extra steps to try to prevent it from spreading.
Meredith Moore, after she and her newborn acquired an HAI

Tips & Knowledge


Healthcare workers’ hand hygiene compliance rate is (on average) 40%

Source:] Source: CDC: Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Health-Care Settings


of infectious diseases are transferred by touch



Healthcare providers might need to clean their hands as many as 100 times per 12-hour shift, depending on the number of patients and intensity of care.


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