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Break Room Solutions

Break Room Products that Never Take A Break

Maintaining a clean, modern, well-stocked break room can help keep your employees happy, healthy and best of all, more productive.

Our solutions are innovative-- even in the break room. Eliminate dirty touchpoints with one-at-a-time dispensing for waste reduction and superior hygiene.


enMotion® Impulse® 8 Automated Towel Dispensers

The enMotion® Impulse® 8 Dispenser features a hygienic and hands-free option that fits great in small spaces. Additional color options available.


Angel Soft Ultra Professional Series® Facial Tissue

Angel Soft Ultra Professional Series® Facial Tissue delivers at-home comfort for your employees while they are away from home. Employees appreciate the premium quality and softness that is gentle on skin after repeated use.


enMotion® Automated Touchless Soap and Sanitizer Dispensers

The enMotion® Automated Soap and Sanitizer dispenser features touchless dispensing along with adjustable settings to dispense controlled portions. Additional color options available.


Dixie Ultra® Tabletop Napkin Dispenser

The Dixie Ultra® Tabletop Napkin Dispenser is designed to hold up to 275 napkins, allowing the dispenser to be refilled with one full pack of napkins before a replacement is needed.


Dixie Ultra® Pathways Heavy Weight Paper Plates & Bowls

Dixie Ultra® plates and bowls are manufactured to withstand the heaviest, messiest foods and feature a multi-layer construction for added strength. Dixie® Liddles® Portion Cup make filling, storing and serving sauces and dips easier. Just Fill, Snap and & Stack.


Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Cutlery Dispensers

Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Cutlery Dispensers are the ultimate hygienic solution and image booster. Improve patron experiences by offering improved hygiene, efficiency and sustainability with innovative one-at-a-time dispensing—and even first-of-its-kind touchless dispensing.


Dixie® Insulated Hot Cups & Cold Paper Cups

Dixie® hot cups are specially insulated and available in a variety of attractive designs, giving consumers a higher perception of product quality and extends consumption time, keeping beverages warm longer. Dixie® cold cups are poly-coated to protect against soak-thru, improve rigidity and stand up time for added patron satisfaction—perfect for everyday use.

Efficient solutions for a low-maintenance breakroom with durable, waste-reducing dispensers and strong products for the quality employees appreciate at an affordable price point.


Pacific Blue Ultra™ Manual Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers

The durable design, adjustable portion control and wide range of high-quality Pacific Blue Ultra™ soaps and sanitizers deliver the hygiene efficiency you expect with the durability you need for day-to-day performance.


Dixie MorNap® Table Napkin Dispenser

The MorNap® Table Napkin Dispenser dispenses from both sides, providing your patrons with quick, easy access to napkins and its durable construction holds up in high-traffic areas.


Dixie® Paper Plates & Bowls

Featuring the Soak-Proof Shield® for grease resistance and multi layer construction for its strength, Dixie plates and bowls are perfect for medium weight foods.


Dixie® Grab’N Go® Individually Wrapped Cutlery

Grab’N Go® cutlery makes having a well-stocked breakroom super easy with boxes that convert directly into quick grab displays. The polystyrene forks, spoons and knives are rigid, strong and elegant and each utensil is individually wrapped so patrons touch only what they use.


Dixie® Paper Hot Cups

Dixie® Paper Hot Cups will please your patrons with and attractive design, durable sidewall strength, and poly lining to protect against soak through and your bottom line will appreciate the economical cost.

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of employees say their office does not supply coffee. 45% say they take up to 40 minutes to leave the office for coffee.

Source: StaplesAdvantage/fun-facts-about-taking-a-break-from-staples


of employees say they socialize with coworkers in the break room

Source: StaplesAdvantage/fun-facts-about-taking-a-break-from-staples


of employees use the break room for short renewal periods

Source: Staples Business Advantage, Fun Facts about Taking Breaks, 2014.

12 Ways to Avoid Germs in the Break Room

Where are you picking up germs in the break room? Try these quick germ-busting fixes.

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