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Dixie PerfecTouch®

The Feel Good Cup

While the center of the plate might be the center of your world, the patron’s experience extends well beyond that. It isn’t just about feeding people. It’s about nourishing ideas, refreshing the soul and connecting people with one another. That’s why we create innovative products—to help you reduce costs and waste, save time and create a cleaner environment. So when it’s time for you to open your restaurant, the spotlight stays where it belongs—on the patron’s experience.

100% Foam Free Cups From a Brand that Means Quality

For hot-drink cups, cold-drink cups, and even cups with a protective sleeve built right in, trust Dixie®, the brand that is synonymous for ‘disposable cup’, for all of your beverage serving needs.


Dixie® PerfecTouch® Insulated Paper Cups

Put an end to costly double-cupping, save space and improve customer perception at the same time with Dixie® PerfecTouch® insulated paper cups. Available in a variety of attractive designs. The outer lining keeps hands comfortable to the touch across the full height of the cup and eliminates the need for double-cupping or sleeves.

Best of all, these cups are foam free.


Dixie® Hot and Cold Paper Cups

Our wide range of high quality Dixie paper and plastic cups offer a variety of sizes, materials and designs so your patrons can enjoy every sip - hot or cold - and you can enjoy a reliable solution from a brand people recognize and trust.

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