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Cleaning Cloths

that Meet Your Performance Expectations

Designed With Cleanliness in Mind

When developing our lines of cleaning cloths and wipes, GP PRO looked at the qualities most important to you, such as versatility, efficiency, absorbency, sustainability, affordability and strength. The result is an wide range of choices that include one of the most trusted brand names found anywhere, so no matter what your need, your industry, or your budget, you have the cleaning solutions you need to keep your standards high.

Which Wiper is Right for You?

Brawny® Industrial Flax or Dixie? See which wiper gets you the feel and absorbency you need.

Why Flax?

Ditch the risks that come with rags and rental towels. Our disposable cloths perform at a level that meets your higher expectations.

Facts About Flax

Flax cloths are made using natural flax fiber and can help reduce usage by absorbing more water and oil.


Brawny® Professional Disposable Cleaning Towels

Brawny® Professional Disposable Cleaning Towels offer strength, absorbency, and versatility to handle tough industrial cleaning of hands, face, machine parts, equipment, oil, grease, and grime. With an assortment of materials, sizes, shapes, and dispensing options, our wipers and cleaning cloths are a true alternative to rags and rental shop towels and are designed to help improve safety, lower total cost, increase efficiency, minimize waste, and even achieve sustainability goals.


Dixie® Disposable Foodservice Towels

Dixie® Disposable Foodservice Towels offer strength, absorbency, and versatility to handle everything from front of house wiping (Bussing Towels & Bar Towels) to back of house cleaning (Food Prep Towels and Chef Towels). A great alternative to cloth rental towels, our foodservice towels are disposable and color-coded to help improve hygiene and reduce the spread of harmful germs via cross-contamination.


Soft-N-Fresh® Wipers

Hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance in healthcare environments for both the patient and health provider. From patient care and room changeover to laboratory/pharmacy cleaning and general maintenance, our Soft-N-Fresh® Disposable Washcloths are a great alternative to cloth towels and help ensure a more hygienic and clean environment.


AccuWipe® Wipers

Technical settings, from hospitals, labs, and electronic assembly plants to optics and graphic arts environments, require a gentle touch when cleaning. Designed for wiping delicate surfaces and instruments, our AccuWipe® Disposable Delicate & Critical Cleaning Task Wipes are non-abrasive, soft, absorbent, and low lint, and a great alternative to microfiber cloth.

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