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A New Take On Freshness On The Wall and In The Stall

Restroom Odor Control to Stop the Stink

80% of companies spend time and money on restroom odor control. Yet it's still the number 2 reason for public restroom dissatisfaction. GP PRO ActiveAire® suite of air care products attacks odor from every angle with coordinated scents.

Part of the Premium Restroom Collection.

In the Stall

ActiveAire® In-Stall Automated Freshener Dispensers

The ActiveAire® Automated Freshener Dispenser sits atop Compact® Side-by-side Toilet Paper Dispensers to provide first-of-its-kind freshening inside the stall. With state-of-the-art motion sensing technology as well as on-demand fragrance with the wave of a hand, neutralize odor where you need it most. Refills come in on-trend, patron-preferred fragrances that last 30 days and are easy to install with no ladders required.

On the Wall

ActiveAire® Whole Room Freshener Dispensers

ActiveAire® Whole Room Freshener Dispensers fill the restroom with pleasant fragrance to combat odors and ensure a clean, fresh feeling environment.

On-trend fragrance refills provide consistent freshening for 30 days, coordinate with other products in the ActiveAire® product line, and feature an easy-access design that makes maintenance a breeze. Powered and passive options provide the right freshening to meet your needs.

At the Urinal

ActiveAire® Deodorizer Urinal Screens

ActiveAire® Deodorizer Urinal Screens keep the air smelling fresh at a key source point for at least 30 days. Our premium low-splash urinal screens also helps ensure everything stays where it’s supposed to. Available in premium on-trend fragrances with different scent intensities that are coordinated across the ActiveAire® product line.

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