Georgia-Pacific | Professional

Dixie® SmartStock® Cutlery Dispenser


  1. Open the lower back dispenser access door and detach the spring from the lever.

  2. Detach Spring from Lever
  3. From the front of the dispenser, unscrew the 3 screws that hold the lever to the dispenser. Remove and discard the old lever.

  4. Remove and Discard Old Lever
  5. Put the new lever in place and secure with the 3 screws.

  6. Secure New Lever
  7. From behind, reattach the spring to the new lever.

  8. Reattach Spring to New Lever
  9. Close the access door.

  10. Close Access Door

Dixie® SmartStock® dispensers are offered via a lease agreement through an authorized distributor.