Georgia-Pacific | Professional

enMotion® Recessed Automated Towel Dispenser


Georgia-Pacific Professional offers a full 5-year warranty on enMotion® Recessed Automated Towel Dispensers upon proper completion and filing of the warranty card within the dispenser case.

Warranty and Repair

Dispensers under the Georgia-Pacific warranty program will be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use with conforming products for five (5) years after the Dispenser is installed, provided that after discovering any alleged defect, you promptly report in writing to Georgia-Pacific the location of the allegedly defective Dispenser, the nature of the defect, and the date of the installation.

Georgia-Pacific nor the Distributor is liable for losses, damages, costs or expenses resulting from third party improper installation, improper use, or abuse of Dispensers, or use of products not authorized by Georgia-Pacific for use in Georgia-Pacific Dispensers.

In the rare event you believe you need a replacement part, Georgia-Pacific can help you determine if you do indeed need a part by using the troubleshooting section on this web site.

For additional information or assistance, call 1-866-HELLO GP (435-5647) or contact us via e-mail.

enMotion® dispensers are offered via a lease agreement through an authorized distributor.