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enMotion® Impulse™ 8 Automated Towel Dispenser


Setting Controls

The enMotion® Impulse™ 8 dispenser's adjustable settings are located inside the dispenser on the lower right side.

  1. The "Adjustable Sheet Length" (ASL) system allows for adjustments in towel sheet length.

    The sheet lengths are:
    • "S" Short towel (maximum number of hand dries) - approximately 8"
    • "M" Medium towel (optimal hand dry capacity) - approximately 12"
    • "L" Long towel (largest available towel) - approximately 16"
    Note: The ASL System is pre-set at the "L" option. Set ASL to meet your needs.
  2. The "Adjustable Time Delay" (ATD) system allows towels to dispense at different time delay intervals after a towel is removed from the dispenser.

    Adjustable Time Delay settings are:
    • "S" Short Delay
    • "M" Medium Delay
    • "L" Long Delay
    Note: The ATD system is pre-set at the "M" option. Set ATD to meet your needs.
  3. The "Dispense Mode" (DM) system allows for adjustment in how the towel is presented to the end user.

    Dispense Mode settings are:
    • "On Demand" The towel will feed from the dispenser after the end user has activated the sensor.
    • "Hanging Towel" The towel will always be showing. After tearing off a towel, another towel will present itself.
    Note: The DM system is pre-set at the "On Demand" option. Set DM to meet your needs.

enMotion® dispensers are offered via a lease agreement through an authorized distributor.