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enMotion® Automated Towel Dispenser


Congratulations on choosing to improve the hygiene and image of your washroom! With one simple hand motion, the enMotion® Automated Touchless Towel Dispenser elevates the image of your facility, helps improve hygiene, increases operational efficiency, and helps you support the EPA's guidelines to reduce waste.

  • Screwdriver
  • Power Drill
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Level (recommended)
  • 4 ea. #8 Wood Screws
  • 4 ea. #8 Sheet Metal Screws

Open case and locate listed components:

  • enMotion® Automated Towel Dispenser
  • Dispenser Key
  • 4 "D" Cell Alkaline Batteries
  • Instruction Guide
  • Lifetime Satisfaction Card


  1. Locate key on bottom of dispenser. Open dispenser.
  2. Load four "D" cell alkaline batteries into battery compartment. A red light appears when batteries are properly installed.
  3. Close dispenser. The red light will shut off.
  4. Battery

Determining Installation Location
  1. When placing dispenser, allow at least 4" on all sides from the closest objects on the wall.
  2. Note: Mounting should comply with ADA Guidelines. Compliance is the responsibility of the installer. See the following document for more information:

    Georgia-Pacific Compliance Guide for Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (PDF: 6 pg / 713 KB)

  3. Use enclosed template to locate screw holes.
  4. Note: Using existing screw holes where possible may simplify mounting process.

Back View of EnMotion dispenser

Mounting the Dispenser Without Mounting Brackets

  1. Align dispenser with screw holes. Check level of dispenser. Insert one screw through the slot in the back of the cabinet. Tighten screw.
  2. Insert each remaining screw through screw slots. Tighten all screws.

Mounting the Dispenser With Mounting Brackets

  1. Fit two supplied mounting brackets together. Align combined bracket with screw holes.
    Note: Do not remove adhesive cover from mounting brackets for this step.
  2. Remove cover from tape. Align combined bracket with screw holes. Apply firm pressure to adhere to the wall. Use four screws to secure combined bracket to the wall.
  3. Fit dispenser on bracket. Lock into place by gently pulling downward. Listen for a click indicating cabinet is properly secured.
  4. Note: To remove dispenser, locate flexible tab on center of brackets. Push tab inward and gently pull dispenser upward.

    Setting Controls

    The enMotion® dispenser's adjustable settings are located inside the dispenser on the lower right side.

    1. The "Adjustable Sheet Length" (ASL) system allows for adjustments in towel sheet length.

      The sheet lengths are:
      • "S" Short towel (maximum number of hand dries) - approximately 8"
      • "M" Medium towel (optimal hand dry capacity) - approximately 12"
      • "L" Long towel (largest available towel) - approximately 16"
      Note: Set ASL to meet your needs.
    2. The "Adjustable Time Delay" (ATD) system allows towels to dispense at different time delay intervals after a towel is removed from the dispenser.

      Adjustable Time Delay settings are:
      • "S" Short Delay
      • "M" Medium Delay
      • "L" Long Delay
      Note: The ATD system is pre-set at the "S" option. Set ATD to meet your needs.
    3. The "Adjustable Sensor Range" (ASR) system allows for adjustment in sensor range to provide dependable dispensing of your towel.

      Adjustable Sensor Range settings are:
      • "S" Short Range
      • "M" Medium Range
      • "L" Long Range
      Note: The ASR system is pre-set at the "M" option. Set ASR to meet your needs.
    4. The "Dispense Mode" (DM) system allows for adjustment in how the towel is presented to the end user.

      Dispense Mode settings are:
      • "On Demand" The towel will feed from the dispenser after the end user has activated the sensor.
      • "Hanging Towel" The towel will always be showing. After tearing off a towel, another towel will present itself.
      Note: The DM system is pre-set at the "On Demand" option. Set DM to meet your needs.
    1. Load dispenser with enMotion® Roll Towels according to instructions on inside back panel.
    2. Thread paper through rollers by tucking the edge of paper under blue transfer bar. Push blue auto-feed button located on lower right side of cabinet to thread paper.
    3. Close dispenser cover. Red light will turn off. The dispenser is ready for use.

    4. Note: If light stays on, dispenser will not function. If this occurs, call 1-888-399-3477.
    5. Dispense towels by moving hand in front of cabinet within sensor range and immediately tear off towel. Repeat this procedure 1-2 times to confirm proper operation.

    If towel does not dispense when moving hand in front of dispenser, open the dispenser and check the following:

    • Paper properly loaded per illustrated instructions on inside back panel.
    • Advance paper using auto-feed button to confirm power.
    • If no power, check batteries to confirm proper alignment.

    After troubleshooting, close dispenser door and dispense towel. If dispenser continues to experience problems, check out the dispenser troubleshooting section or call 1-866-HELLO GP (435-5647) or contact us via e-mail.

    1. Load enMotion® Roll Towels:
      Note: Refer to the illustrated instructions in Loading the Dispenser.
    2. Dispensing enMotion Towels:
      • Wave hand approximately 2"-2.5" across front of dispenser. An enMotion Towel is automatically dispensed.
      • Once towel is dispensed, tear towel to dry hands. A second towel cannot be dispensed until the first towel is removed. After the towel is removed, a short delay will occur to avoid paper waste.
      Note: To adjust the delay, see Step 5, "Adjusting Settings."
    3. Use of the Automatic Transfer Mechanism:
      • Pull out blue tab on carousel bar.
        Note: Carousel rotates and locks stub roll into the lower position.
      • Fit new towel roll on roll support with paper edge coming from top. Thread paper edge over the carousel bar. The ATM will activate and continue dispensing towels once the stub roll is empty.
      • If the replacement roll is not properly loaded and a transfer does not occur, enMotion will activate once and default into a "Suspend" mode until paper is properly loaded. The "Suspend" mode prevents unnecessary battery drain and excess motor wear. To reactivate the dispenser, simply open the dispenser door and load paper per the illustrated instructions located inside the back panel. enMotion will continue normal operation.
    4. Replacing Batteries:
      • The "low battery" light located on lower right indicates battery power is low.
      • Note: When indicator light appears, dispenser will continue to operate for a limited period of time.
      • Replace batteries with 4 "D" cell batteries. Load batteries as outlined in diagram located on inside lid of battery compartment.
    5. Should you wave your hand 1-2 times inside the sensor range and do not receive a towel, open cover and check to see if paper is properly loaded. Check inside the paper chute to see if there is a paper jam. If necessary, clear the jam and load paper properly. Once completed, close the cover. Dispenser should reset and normal operation will continue.

      If dispenser continues to experience problems, check out the dispenser troubleshooting section or call 1-866-HELLO GP (435-5647) or contact us via e-mail.

enMotion® dispensers are offered via a lease agreement through an authorized distributor.