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enMotion® Recessed Automated Towel Dispenser


The dispenser automatically dispenses towels with very limited hand motion.


Check dispenser location/environment:

  • Temperature, humidity extremes
  • Located near malfunctioning ballast/fluorescent lights, neon sign, power conduit, a large motor or electrical mechanism
  • Static ground clip is not making contact with the wall
  • 2-way radios in use nearby

If any of the above exists, investigate the potential to relocate dispenser.

Short-term solution: Set Dispensing Mode (DM) switch to "Hang Towel" mode (see Adjusting Dispenser Settings).

If these steps do not resolve your problem, check out our other Solutions below. If you still cannot resolve the problem, call 1-866-HELLO GP (435-5647) or contact us via e-mail.

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enMotion® dispensers are offered via a lease agreement through an authorized distributor.