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No-nonsense solutions from Georgia-Pacific deliver measurable improvements in production and maintenance areas, service vehicles, washrooms and cafeterias

Manufacturing Solutions

Georgia-Pacific understands firsthand the challenges you face, from eliminating clutter in production areas to preventing the spread of contaminants in the washroom. That's why when we develop products for manufacturing environments, we make sure they support lean manufacturing concepts to keep the work space organized and efficient. Our solutions can help reduce waste, increase productivity, lower costs, enhance safety and hygiene and lessen your impact on the environment.

We can say with confidence that Georgia-Pacific manufacturing solutions are designed to meet your needs. Our disposable wipers, for example, are safer, cleaner and more efficient alternatives to rented shop towels, and our wet shop towels easily wipe and clean greasy, grimy hands on the spot. Touch-free, one-at-a-time towel dispensers help reduce cross-contamination and minimize usage and waste, and high-capacity models help keep refills to a minimum. Georgia-Pacific soaps are ideal for frequent hand washing and eliminating germs, while our heavy duty scrub cleaners are ideal for eliminating dirt, oil and grease from hands.

Georgia-Pacific products also go easy on the world around us. Many are reusable and meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for post-consumer content.