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Small investment, big return

No one knows better than you. Running any type of restaurant is demanding – whether a full or limited service, independent or national chain. Guests want excellent food, superior service and more value for their money. They want your establishment to be environmentally friendly, cleaner and healthier. And they want it all during each and every visit.


Small things can make a big difference.

Cups. Plates. Napkins. Towel, Tissue and Soap dispensers. They may seem like small essentials in the grand scheme of things but like a lot of small things, they can quickly add up to a big difference in guest satisfaction and profitability. That is why innovation never rests at Georgia-Pacific Professional.

Our foodservice solutions are designed to help you reduce consumption and waste, demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, help improve guest and staff hygiene, and increase operational efficiency. Because your reputation means everything, we help enhance your image with high – quality branded products your patrons know and trust.