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Georgia-Pacific Professional is a leading provider of hygienic dispensing systems, towels, tissues, soaps, air fresheners, wipers, cups, cutlery and napkins. We provide a range of products to market segments including office buildings, healthcare, education, manufacturing and foodservice, and features well-known product brands such as enMotion®, Compact®, SofPull®, Brawny Industrial™, EasyNap®, Dixie® and SmartStock®.

Since the 1930s, Georgia-Pacific Professional and its predecessors have pioneered systems that reduce waste. We produce 200 away-from-home products containing 95 to 100 percent recycled fiber and 40 products that help companies earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. We work closely with our affiliated recycling company, Harmon Associates, which facilitates the brokerage of six million tons of recovered paper each year.

In 2007, we began labeling the environmental benefits of our products using the Green by Design® designation. Green by Design-marked products follow the EPA's 3 R program of reduce, reuse and recycle. Georgia-Pacific Professional labels the packaging for our Green by Design qualified products with seals that designate which of the 3 R's the product satisfies and how the particular product satisfies the relevant environmental criteria. To learn more about our sustainable products, third-party certifications and environmental news, please visit the Green by Design® website.

In addition to providing hygienic and sustainable away-from-home products, Georgia-Pacific Professional is committed to educating citizens about proper hand hygiene practices. Our ongoing efforts are showcased through a variety of campaigns, activities and initiatives that teach and remind people of all ages about the importance of hand washing and drying. To learn more about these campaigns, please visit The Wellness Room website.

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