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 Introducing Brawny Industrial Flax Cloths
Brawny Industrial FLAX 900

Brawny Industrial® FLAX

Choose FLAX for Any Task!
Brawny Industrial® FLAX Cloths are made using natural flax fiber - an exciting new technology that creates a naturally strong, soft, absorbent and sustainable cleaning cloth designed to handle everything from light wiping to heavy duty industrial cleaning.

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Brawny Industrial FLAX 900

Brawny® Dine-A-Cloth® FLAX Cloths

Wipe the slate clean with Brawny® Dine-A-Cloth® FLAX Cloths, the naturally strong, absorbent and sustainable cleaning cloth. Because FLAX Cloths are 100% plant-based, they are soft and absorbent like cloth, yet tough enough to handle the toughest cleaning tasks. Unlike other wipers made of oil-based materials—FLAX Cloths remain absorbent and soft to the touch while holding up to use with sanitizers and bleach.

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AccuWipe® Delicate Task Wipers

AccuWipe® Delicate Task Wipers

AccuWipe® Delicate Task Wipers are great for delicate surfaces, parts or equipment, but don't take their sensitive nature for weakness. They'll take out lint, prints, contaminants, pretty much anything in the way of cleaning, and come back for more.

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Brawny Industrial™ Wet Shop Towels

Brawny Industrial® Wet Shop Towels

Brawny Industrial® Wet Shop Towels prove that soft and tough are a great combination. They remove grease and grime from hands without leaving gritty residue.

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