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Dixie® Liddles® Portion Cups

Reduce storage space, save time and save money

Dixie® Liddles® Portion Cups

Easy to store: Industry-standard square shape and uniform sizes make it simple to fill, stack and store.

Portion control: Two- and four-ounce sizes accommodate various serving needs.

Service and operational efficiency: Individual and multiple cups are designed to break apart quickly and easily.

Reduces SKUs: Attached lids eliminate an extra item and reduce storage space needs.

Saves time and money: No more lid searching, matching or ordering. Matching lids and cups reduces excess inventory.

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Exceptional strength and versatility

Dixie® Portion Cups

Dixie® Soufflé cups offer exceptional strength & versatility - Ideal for condiments, sauces and side portions. Pre-portioning with Dixie® Soufflé cups help control costs and saves time & labor.

Easy to fill, less mess.

Makes portion control accurate and easy.

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