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The Single-Serve Advantage. EasyNap single serve napkin dispensers are ideal for high-traffic food service and concession operators.

Five convenient dispensing solutions

Tower Model with Stand or Wall Mount SKU: 54550, 54551, 54552

Height: 28.78" – Footprint: 8.04" x 8.11"
Holds 1,000 1-ply (4 packages) nearly five times that of
traditional dispensers or 800 2-ply (4 packages)

Tabletop Model SKU: 54527

Height: 6.64" – Footprint: 5.90" x 7.48"
Top loading dispenser with refill window, holds up to 300 napkins

Tabletop Model SKU: 54520, 54521, 54522

Height: 7.70" – Footprint: 5.75" x 4.75"
Top loading dispenser with refill window, holds up to 300 napkins

Counter Top Model SKU: 54510, 54511, 54512

Height: 7.25" – Footprint: 9.25" x 13.625"
Holds up to 500 napkins - nearly double that of traditional counter top dispensers

In-Counter Top Model SKU: 54221, 54219

Height: 7.06" – Footprint: 23.08" x 8.79"
Holds up to 1,250 napkins - nearly three times that of traditional in-counter dispensers

Greater Expectations

Experience enhanced quality and cost savings one napkin at a time. EasyNap® napkins.

EasyNap Embossed White Napkins EasyNap Embossed Brown Napkins

EasyNap® napkins and dispensers are a breeze for customers to use, a unique combination of paper and embossing provides a premium look and feel. The high-capacity, one-at-a-time dispensing system can reduce your napkin usage by 30% compared to MorNap® full-fold napkins and 56.6% compared to tall-fold napkins*

The most luxurious, thick and soft EasyNap® napkins
2-ply White SKU: 32004
2-ply White SKU: 32017

Cost-effective and sustainable EasyNap® napkins
1-ply White SKU: 32002
1-ply Brown SKU: 32015

* Independent market research has shown that napkin usage is reduced by 30% when switching from a standard MorNap® style napkin to the EasyNap® Dispenser. In addition, napkin usage is reduced by 56.6% when switching from a standard tall-fold style napkin to the EasyNap® Tabletop Dispenser in a QSR environment.